Volunteer Information

The operational backbone of The Gallery is its Volunteers, without which the Gallery would not be able to keep its doors open for the community and its many artists.

The Volunteers are very much appreciated team for their efforts in staffing staff the Gallery during the usual opening hours of 10.30 am to 4 pm Thursday to Sunday.

Would you like to volunteer to help in this vital role ?

Do you enjoy being surrounded by art and talking to gallery visitors?

Or do you have other skills that might assist the galleries operations (painting walls and plinths, handyman/woman etc)? 

If yes, please complete the form below or for more information call the Volunteer Co-ordinator, Judy Van Raak on 0265 622 684 or

Email mvcag2440@gmail.com

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Yes I would like to volunteer to help the Gallery
Staffing the gallery , Handyman duties, Working Bees,

Lets be Friends !!

The Gallery is keen to foster a Friends of the Gallery initiative that will advise you of special events like Exhibition Openings , Travelling Shows, Workshops, Artists Talks, Newsletters and The Gallery Program.

If you would like to be on The Friends of The Gallery mailing list please email us on Email: mvcag2440@gmail.com or complete the form below.

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Yes I would like to be a Friend of The Gallery
any special interests you might have