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Marilyn Urban and Leigh Carnsew

Through Two Sets of Eyes

Marylin Urban & Leigh Carnsew

Meet the Artists Sat 25th May 1-4 pm Wine and Nibbles

Marilyn Urban

“My passion is for abstract in acrylic paints and many mixed mediums. I am in love with vivid colours and the quick drying aspect of this medium. I don‟t usually have a plan as such until I pick up brushes in my studio. Colours come to me, something else takes over and I am in another world.”

Leigh Carnsew

“I work mainly in acrylics and mixed media. My subject matter is quite varied as I work from my head rather than photos. I take a lot of inspiration from memories of my travels overseas and in Australia.      

I would sum up my style as moving between impressionistic and abstract. However, I always keep an open mind and am prepared to try anything new.”