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DIGITAL MINDSCAPES McDermott, Hudson and Kane

The Digital Mindscapes

Pam Hudson

Mike Kane

Denise McDermott

June 6 to 16 (open Thursdays to Sundays)

Meet the artists on Saturday June 8 from 1 pm. All are welcome. This is an opportunity to meet the three artists and discuss and view artworks that are redefining photography.

This exhibition displays a diverse range of photographic art where three photographers from vastly different backgrounds came together because of their desire and need for unconstrained creativity. This freedom is what unites them.

Instead of photographs of the real world, you will see flights of fancy and landscapes of the imagination. All three photographic artists draw their inspiration from their imagination, and from legends and folklore.

Visitors to this exhibition will be transported to other worlds peopled by fantasy characters. You will see artworks of fascinating subject matter and expression; many inspire the imagination and others give food for thought.

Pam Hudson is a photographer who has been inspired by her colleagues and mentors to push the bounds of photography toward a more creative approach to the craft. She enjoys the freedom that comes with the transformation of conventional digital photographic images into original and expressive artwork.

Mike Kane is a professional photographer and teacher with many years of experience. He is successful in all genres of photography and is taking this opportunity to exhibit his more artistic work to a wider audience. Mike is no longer bound by rules and freely creates stunning works of imagination.

Denise McDermott, an experienced photographer, has concentrated on aspects of creative photography for the past few years. She has now decided the time is right to be part of an innovative group and exhibit her artwork to a wider artistic community.

Most Images are for sale. All are framed and ready to hang. All sale items are reasonably priced. 

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